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Historiens et économistes, dont Joseph Stiglitz, lauréat du Nobel d’économie, décrivent les multiples facettes de la misère selon les époques et les régions du monde. Aux temps préhistoriques, l’extrême précarité était le lot commun de tous les chasseurs-cueilleurs tandis qu’au Moyen Âge, elle semble devenir le moteur du système, avec la charité comme seul remède. Yotube.

The Genius Of Design – Blueprints For War

The Genius of Design examines the Second World War through the prism of the rival war machines designed and built in Germany, Britain, the USSR and the USA, with each casting a fascinating sidelight on the ideological priorities of the nations and regimes which produced them. From the desperate improvisation of the Sten gun, turned out in huge numbers by British toy-makers, to the deadly elegance of the all-wood Mosquito fighter-bomber, described as ‘the finest piece of furniture ever made’, the stories behind these products reveal how definitions of good design shift dramatically when national survival is at stake.

USSR, USA, Second World War, Sten gun, Mosquito, British

Architects of Control Program One

Film produced by Michal Tsarion and Blue Fire explores humankind’s
future and the post-human world. Michael’s focus is on individual
slave (and by extension slave owner’s) psyche and internal motives rather than the circus. Why slave needs the master and why master
needs the slave? The pyramid is made of people that lean on each
other. Mass and transpersonal psyche, which is substantially
different from individual psyche and crucial for understanding
mass control is not approached in program one, although it could
be in further programs. Youtube

Future, Mankind, Brain, Mind, Body, Hypnosis,

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